COVID-19 Information/Plan

5th Grade Google Classroom and Quarantining Information/Plan:

If your student has to stay home, I have been posting our Week at a Glance and daily assignments in our Google Classroom.
We have three classes within Google Classroom. They are titled:
1. Mrs. Connell 5th Grade Class 21/22 ( Writing, Religion, Science and Social Studies assignments will be posted here)
2. 5th Grade Reading 21/22 w/Mrs. Connell ( Reading assignments will be posed here)
3. 5th Grade Math 21/22 w/Mrs. Connell ( 5th Grade Math assignments will be posted here)
If possible, please come pick up your student’s materials at school in case they will need to stay home. I  can leave materials on the bench outside our classroom for you to pick up in the case that your child has to stay home. (Please remember that everyone who enters campus must wear a mask). If not, I will scan the work or create digital resources for them as soon as I am able to.
If our class has to stay home as a whole, we will return to Remote Learning and students will be logging into Zoom as a class. Students can find my Zoom link on the top of their Google Classwork page under: SMS Classroom Zoom Codes. In addition, click here for the SMS At-Home Learning Plan and Zoom links. More information will come if this becomes a reality for our class.