Wordly Wise/Accelerate Reader (AR)

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program in which students read books outside of class and take online comprehension quizzes based on the reading. Students earn points based on their performance on these quizzes.

Most young adult novels are AR books. AR books are assigned a level based on the complexity of the text. Some libraries include the AR level on the book, but the level can also be found at this website: http://www.arbookfind.com/.

When the student has finished reading the book, he or she can go onto the AR website here: https://hosted37.renlearn.com/2051796/ and take a quiz for that book. The points scored will count towards the trimester goal. Each student has been given a trimester point goal based on his or her reading level. Each student also has a range of book levels that he or she can read. This information can be found glued in the student planner. Please choose books that fall within or close to this range. Students must reach their Trimester 1 Goal by November 18, 2016.

Wordly Wise

This year, the entire 5-8th Grade is adopting the Wordly Wise Online program. This web-based program provides more data for the teacher, more feedback for the student, and is easier to differentiate for diverse learners. It also provides valuable activities to help students build vocabulary skills.

To access the program, students can use the following website:

5/6th Grade:


7th-8th Grade:


These links have been sent to their emails and are also on my website under the Important Links sidebar.

Activities on this program will be assigned regularly, and students must complete all activities in order to take the test. Tests are assigned every two weeks. If a student does not complete all activities by the testing date, he or she cannot take the test. The student can finish the activities on his or her own time and then take the test at recess the following Monday. If this is not completed, the student will be moved up to the next lesson without being able to take the test.

Here is a great tutorial that lets shows you how the lessons work: