5th Grade Supplies List/2018-19

All 5th Grade Students       

Please label the items marked with an (*) with your child’s name. All other items will be used by everyone.

Sturdy pencil bag (canvas or bank bag type) *

8 ballpoint or gel pens (black)

8 ballpoint or gel pens (Red) for correcting

20 – #2 pencils

3 Highlighters, different colors *

2 large erasers

Scissors *

2 glue sticks

2 fine point sharpies (black)  **Optional

2 extra fine point sharpies (black)  **Optional

colored pencils (24 or more)

1 two or larger three-ring binder

2 packages college-ruled paper

1 package graph paper

1 package of 5 subject dividers

1 package of 100 index cards (3×5)

1 package of post it notes  **Optional

2 boxes of tissue

1 rolls of paper towels or 1 bottle of hand sanitizer

1 containers of disinfectant wipes

Water Bottle for classroom and PE use – label with name *

2 college-ruled composition notebooks (not spiral notebooks) : one for Writing, one for Science/Social Studies) *

1 backpack * Locker space is limited in our 5th grade classroom. Small backpacks without wheels are encouraged.


Current 5th grade students will receive their math assignment with the final report card.

New 5th grade students will be assessed for math placement the first week of school.

6th Grade Math

1 pad of graphing paper (0.5 cm squares)

2 composition books

Scientific Calculator – preferred:

TI-30X IIS  (about $13 on amazon or at Target)